About Us

Discover the passion and expertise of our dedicated staff, equipped to support you on the path to renewed hope and empowerment.

Our Story

At Redeeming Hope Life Coaching, our journey began with a deep understanding of the tumultuous challenges that spouses of sex addicts often face. Having personally experienced the profound heartbreak and devastation that comes with this journey, our founders recognized the critical need for a compassionate and empathetic support system. We have firsthand knowledge of the emotional turmoil and the complex process of rebuilding shattered trust. It is this intimate understanding that makes our coaching approach highly effective, as we are committed to providing unwavering support, guidance, and hope to those navigating similar paths of healing and restoration.

Our Staff


Allison has worked with spouses of sex addicts for over 12 years.  Being a spouse of a recovering sex addict herself, she knows first-hand the pain and self-doubt spouses feel.  She understands the confusion, anger and the myriad of emotions that come with learning the one you love has broken your trust.  The road to rebuilding that trust is hard and Allison will walk that path with you. 

Allison’s expertise in this area come from her certification as a Christian sexual addiction therapist, which allows her the unique opportunity to know both sides of the pain.  She has a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy as well, along with other training in anxiety and grief associated with being the spouse of a sex addict.  Allison also has training in dealing with the fallout from having relationships with narcissists, and the anger, pain and suffering loved ones feel. She has devoted her life to this issue and walking with others through it to the other side.


Hailey offers compassion, understanding, and empathy in working with spouses of sex addicts.  She has experience in walking through the difficulties that come with sexual addiction, therefore she can connect with others in a way that provides the support others are not able to. She has a passion for coming aside and encouraging those who are hurting, and desires to be a source of spiritual companionship while the LORD heals the broken hearted.

Hailey has been trained at a Master’s level in Marriage and Family Therapy.  She is pursuing a Master of Counseling Degree and future aspirations include a certification as a sexual addiction therapist. Her training in other areas include anxiety, depression, and stress. Hailey continues to seek understanding and training in these areas in order to better help those seeking support and companionship during the trials of life.